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Meet me

        Ciao! My name is Val Bianco




Join me in planting a tree to celebrate our loved ones, and enjoy watching them blossom and grow. Now, you can say “Thank you for everything” to humans and pets, just planting a tree.  


This is definitely a thoughtful, eco-friendly and heart-warming way of honouring all our loved ones.

It is very straightforward to use and your Bios Urn comes with clear instructions. Simply plant your seedling in the urn, and then plant the urn straight into your garden or a plant pot. With some simple care, your seedling will grow into a healthy living memorial to your loved one. You can create a multi generational memorial by using plants that self seed.  As the Bios Urn has no expiry date, you can use your Bios Urn whenever you are ready, using recent or old ashes.

Planting a tree as a living memorial to honour our loved ones, has changed the scenario and the attitude toward the loss, completely. 

Moreover, in this particular historical moment in which there is a growing level of environmental awareness, as Bios Urn users we proudly place ourselves among those who do their best to make the difference, healing our hearts and the planet at the same time. 



Now you know what you can do. It’s not too late.


Allow your loved ones to bring you flowers.



Val Bianco, Soul Trees

October 2016

Bios Urn is a company driven by Gerard and Roger Moliné, two brothers that believe design, in conjunction with nature, has the ability to change the world. Supported by more than 15 years of natural projects, Bios offers a smart, sustainable and eco-friendly solution to approach an inevitable phase of human life.
Bios aims to change the way people see death, converting the “end of life” into a transformative process and promoting a return to life through nature.
Behind the company lies a two-man studio that seek to explore and improve humans habits through a constant dialogue with nature. Roger and Gerard Moliné have demonstrated this particular point of view in Naturalment – Thinking Nature. Naturalment is an art exhibition that explores natural materials, shapes and processes to understand the inner logic and workings of nature. The same logic that can then be applied to products and humans habits. Read more about naturalment.