Ciao! My name is Val Bianco..

In 2013 I stumbled into a video about the Bios Urn, and I immediately thought that was an incredible idea. What if, “after Life” we had the possibility of becoming a tree? What if a Treeincarnation would be possible?

A friend of mine, after having shared the link in her Facebook page, one day told me: “You can’t believe how many friends have shown interest in the Bios Urn. You should contact the company and see if it’s possible to become their Distributor in Australia, since they are not here yet. You were thinking to start a business, well, you love it and it’s a great idea, too. It’s perfect!”. She was absolutely right.

My longtime business background, my sincere passion for trees and the idea of a “Life after Life” were an incredible boost to contact them immediately. It took 3 years to eventually finalise the Distribution agreement with the newly appointed Australian National Coordinator, but finally in 2016 the Bios Urn® landed in Victoria! Yay!
My “Soul Trees” came to life in October 2016 and we have grown and learned so much since then and there’s still a long way to go.

You guys are inspiring and supporting us beyond our best expectations and your heartfelt encouragement is making our journey amazing. So, thank you for sharing with us our same passion and dedication for this beautiful project of a “new life”, that is Soul Trees Bios Urn®.

Val Bianco, Soul Trees
October 2016