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Soul Trees offers you the Phoenix Package

Would you love a beautiful planting ceremony arranged entirely by us?
You can relax and treasure the moment and create special memories and we will take care of the rest.

Choose from as few or as many of the options below as you require:
1. Bios Urn
2. Gardener
3. Florist
4. Celebrant
5. Catering
6. Music
7. Video
8. Ceramic Memorial Plaques made by an Italian/Australian artist
9. Traditional Memorial Plaques, wide range

Our staff is made of several professional and caring individuals who believe in providing the highest level of service they can, among which:

T.N.R Gardening & Lawns

Jaclyn from Lilac & Rose, flowers

Sharyn, Peninsula Life Celebrations

Alex Finessi, international video producer

Gerry, creative video producer

Sally from Dearly Plaques & Memorials

Salvatori Ceramic Artist

Dennis from MyChoice@Firebridge, personalised custom plaques made in Australia