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All of us have lost a dear one, so we thought
that offering you a break could be a good idea.
You will have 18 months to use your voucher
so there’s no rush, no pressure.

Just take your time to get back on track,
and then cherish your well deserved time off
taking a vacation.

How vouchers works:
When you purchase a Bios Urn you will receive for free 1 of the 3 vouchers for a destination of your choice. You can also choose to get a hotel or dining discount voucher. You have 7 days to activate your vacation before it expires. After activation you will have 18 months to choose your preferred travel dates.

Two Villas, Bangtao Bach, Phuket for 8 days, 7 nights
Risata, Bali for 5 days, 4 nights
Replay Pool Villa Bang Rak Beach, Thailand for 8 days, 7 nights.

Click here to receive either a $100 hotel voucher or a $100 dining voucher that can be used when booking accommodation in places like the Hilton, Sheraton, W Hotels and more.

For more info, you can visit our FB page or send an email to:

Soul Trees is available in Australia ONLY