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Tomáš used a Bios Urn to plant his grandfather into a Mighty Oak tree

Tomáš Ševčík chose to use a Bios Urn for his grandfather, who passed away nearly 14 months ago. His family had no idea what to do after his grandfather passed, until he discovered the Bios Urn and knew it was a perfect fit for him. Tomáš described his grandfather as a spontaneous and impulsive man, who often did things just for fun, even in his old age.

He and his family chose to plant his grandfather´s Bios Urn in a pond that his grandfather had excavated and created entirely by himself years before in the Czech Republic. Tomáš knew this was the perfect place for his Bios Urn to be planted. Tomáš described the pond as a very calm and beautiful place which harbors the spirit of his grandfather. He now takes a yearly sojourn to this special location to light candles, and sometimes even to go fishing.

¨We all hate graveyards and we go there once a year to light up the candles. This way I visit my grandpa very often. I found passion in fishing, so I just take my fishing rod and sit next to my grandpa the whole afternoon. It makes me feel happy in a really special way.  Sometimes a tear drops, but I wouldn’t call it a tear of sadness. It is very difficult to describe the feeling.¨

 Tomáš chose a Bios Urn with an Oak tree seedling for his grandfather, as he found it to be the most fitting choice and is also environmentally compatible with the location. When we spoke with Tomáš he told us his grandmother just recently passed away as well, and that he has plans of planting her into an Oak tree as well.

He concluded his message to us with some beautiful photos, and by saying this ¨I’ll only send you pictures of my grandpas tree for now and later on I’ll send you hers too. They are going to be side by side.¨

One of the most interesting things to us is seeing where people choose to plant their Bios Urn, and how the land in which they place it in holds a special connection or meaning to them. Generally these spaces serve as sacred havens of a sort. From the Czech Republic, to Vancouver, to California, to Australia – Bios Urns have been planted on land that individuals and families hold deep spiritual connections with, and it’s amazing to imagine how many of these places exist for people all over the world.

“My son was meant to be a tree” – Veronica Herrera-Ramirez

Veronica Herrera-Ramirez lost her 24 year-old son Nikolas “Nikko” Malliarodakis on March 21st, 2016 when he was hit by a driver who was under the influence.  As any parent knows, losing a child is one of the most difficult things anyone can possibly endure in his or her lifetime. Veronica was initially unsure about what she wanted to do with her son, but she knew she absolutely didn’t want to put him in a coffin.

During our conversation and interactions with Veronica, we got to know her on a more personal level and connect with her story. ¨My son´s story is beautiful. He was meant to be a tree. He wrote me a beautiful poem in high school as if he knew I would need this to find comfort.¨ She shared a poem with us that her son had written to her years before:

¨To a loving mom from a loving son.
My View –
The view right now that I can see,
I love for, I care for,
As it shows beautifully.
While I ride the back of the mountains,
Sing with the trees,
Run with the grass, and that´s
how it should be.¨

When Veronica found the Bios Urn, she knew it was perfect for her son, Nikko, who loved nature, and was fond of The Giving Tree when he was a child. Veronica opted for a Bios Urn, and chose to use an Pine tree for her son Nikko. She planted her Bios Urn on July 7th, 2016 (her son’s 25th birthday) in her home in Prunedale, California. Today, a healthy young pine seedling grows beautifully in her home, and is surrounded by family photos. ¨I gave him life and because my immense love for him will never die, I am only compelled to continue to give him life through this tree. I will forever take care of him.¨

Thank you for sharing your story with us Veronica.

¨I placed my dad in the forest close to my home¨ – Anne Stadnyk

Anne Stadnyk purchased a Bios Urn in July of 2016 after her son discovered the Bios Urn online and shared the idea with her. She used a Bios Urn for her father who passed away in April of 2016. She is an only child whose parents were married and together for over 55 years.

Anne chose to plant the Bios Urn in a nearby forest so she could visit it as often as she liked. The spot she chose had a special meaning and connection to her father, as it was a place that her son and father would frequently visit and walk through together. It was very important for her to have both parents close by, in a location that was not just tangible, but sentimental. Connection was and is key.

¨The Bios Urn was the PERFECT solution for me… I placed my dad in the forest close to my home where he will always be part of the flora and fauna there and I can visit whenever I like. I am grateful for having the best parents on the planet and am happy now that they will be forever close to me :)¨

She shared with us some photos of her dad´s Western Hemlock tree, which is growing steadily and healthily! Her intention is to take a photo of the tree during each season, as time moves forward, and it continues to grow with each passing month, and year.

She left off with sharing this message with us, and gave us permission to share it with you, too.

¨P.S – It feels really good to share about my dad and mom and special memories of them. I will go and share this with my dad in the next few days and my mom today when I visit her at her Care Home. We will have a little cry together and then feel good they are both close to me and grandson. It’s more than marketing you are creating by asking people to share their stories with your product. Thank you 🙂

Cheers, Anne.¨

Why do we share stories? Why is this important for us? For us, it is about much more than just a product we sell and believe in. For us, it is about change and growth. Thousands of people all over the world have chosen to leave this world in a different way, and have in many ways been pioneers on this frontier. They are people who resonate with the overall experience, and with the earth in which we inhabit. This is important. You know our story at Bios Urn, and we feel you should know theirs as well.

Have you used a Bios Urn? Where is it planted? Why did you plant it there? Who did you plant it for? Share your story with us, and share it with the world.

Thank you for taking part in the #lifeafterlife movement.



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