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Bios Urn Lets Your Pet’s Memory Live On as a Tree
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Bryce Roberts, a distributor of Bios Urn in Western Australia, lost his beloved dog Sabre several years ago and ended up choosing a Bios Urn for him. After his beloved Rottweiler, Sabre, was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and sadly passed away a short time later, he wanted something more meaningful for Sabre’s ashes rather than just a place on a shelf. Bryce set out to source an alternative option and after many hours of searching finally stumbled upon the Bios Urn and knew it was the right choice for him. During this time, he became so involved that he ended up becoming a distributor of Bios Urn! Today Sabre serves as an inspiration for Bryce.

“I no longer focus on Sabre’s passing as being the final stage of his life, as I am spending quality time with him every afternoon. The ‘Bios Urn has really helped me through my grieving process and has given me a sense of relief, closure and comfort. Now I am able to see Sabre flourish into a beautiful natural tree, leaf by leaf.

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