Urn or Bios Urn?
What's the Difference Between Them?

Losing a loved one is a huge deal. After the cremation, we often think about what to do with the ashes once we lose a close one or a family member. It  is  a very  difficult  option to  choose  whether we  want to keep  them close to us  forever in  an urn  placed in one corner  of the bookshelf, or   do we  want to   scatter them, or  do we  want to   bury them  in the soil. But once we think about  burying them in the soil we should know that burying ashes in a normal biodegradable urn is very bad for the environment  because unlike plant matter, ashes buried in the  soil don’t  decompose. Sixteen  months  after  burial, the  urn has completely  dissolved while  the ashes are  left in  concentration  and will  remain in  this  same state  for years. Plant  roots  will  turn away from  this clump of salty rock. Then why not think about turning them into a tree.

Award winning, designed in 1997 – that makes it the world’s first biodegradable urn to grow a tree – the Bios Urn® is a very good way in which we can turn the ashes of our loved ones into trees.  In fact, the patented design of the Bios Urn allows the seedling to grow separated from the ashes. Once the urn starts the decomposing process, the tree roots are already strong enough to contact the ashes and grow through the Bios Urn. When these soul trees grow and finally give flowers, it makes us remember our loved ones and we can embrace that daily. Preserving the ashes and turning our loved ones into a plant can be a great deal to keep the cycle of life going. In this article, we will know about urns, bio urns, Bios Urn and the difference between them.

What Does Urn Mean? How Does a Bio Urn Work? How Is It Different from the Bios Urn®?

An urn is a type of cover vase or vessel. It has a very typical round broad body, a narrow neck, and a footed pedestal. These are vessels that are used in burials. These are also known as funeral urns, urns for ashes, cremation urns, and ash urns. The main purpose of these urns is to hold the cremated ashes of the deceased. These are also used as grave goods. Funeral urns are generally made up of various types of material. They come in different shapes and sizes with different colours, designs, and patterns. Some are made up of metal so these are long-lasting and can be kept for a longer period with a sealed lid.

A normal urn is a lot different from a Bios Urn. A cremation urn is just a vessel to keep the ashes of the deceased but the idea of a Bios Urn is absolutely different. It is different because a Bios Urn is fully biodegradable and was designed to convert human or pet ashes into a tree becoming a tree of Life.

The Bios Urn is 100% biodegradable and has no chemicals or glue present in it. It is made up of coconut shells, cellulose, and compacted peat which causes zero harm to the environment and nature. Not only that, but it has zero chemicals present in it. The Bios Urn is composed of two parts. The bottom capsule is for the ashes and the upper capsule is for the plant.

So when the plant is planted in the upper portion of the Bios Urn the roots reach down to the ashes and the soil while the urn breaks down, and a soul tree finally grows in the name of your loved one. It is not just an urn for human ashes but it grows as a tree of life.

Urns or Bios Urn®? What is the Difference Between Them?

We all understand that the main purpose of Urns is to preserve the ashes of our loved ones in a biodegradable urn or a normal funeral urn. But the main question is which of them is a better option? Both of these are unique. A normal funeral urn is a more traditional way of keeping the ashes of your loved one and comes in beautiful designs. On the other hand, a Bios Urn is a very impressive way of helping the environment and nature grow. Planting a Bios Urn is a unique way of keeping your loved ones in the form of a tree that you can embrace daily.

Here are a few points that will help in differentiating which urn is a better option, Bios Urn or funeral urn.

Bios Urn®

  • Bios Urn is made up of a custom modelling system and does not use any type of chemical additives or glue which makes it 100% ecofriendly and biodegradable.
  • A tree planting Ceremony is a great way to honour and celebrate a loved one’s life, with no comparison with a funeral in terms of cost.
  • When buried the urn completely bio-degrades and the seedling grows into a tree, having no negative impact on the environment. It also helps give back to Mother Earth.
  • Value for money as it brings flowers and fruits from all loved ones, forever.

Funeral Urns

  • Funeral urns are made up of different materials, such as metal, and cannot be buried. These need to be kept in the house and once the ashes are scattered it has no use. It then has to be discarded.
  • Cannot be kept forever as it has to be discarded once the purpose is served.
  • Does not value money as it needs to be discarded later on.

Where Can I Buy Urns For Human Ashes?

Funeral urns, bio and Bios Urn are available very easily but before you choose to buy an urn think about what you are going to do with it after the cremation. Urns come in different shapes and sizes so think before you buy an urn. If you want to bury the urn and grow your loved one into a tree then consider buying a Bios Urn. If you want to have a sea burial then you may consider buying an eco water urn. Follow this link to know more.

  • Local funeral homes provide you with normal funeral urns, have a lesser variety of urns and are high priced.
    However, thanks to Soul Trees a rising number of leading Funeral Homes and Memorial Parks in Australia now can offer an original Bios Urn. Contact us to know more.
  • Local manufactures do sell urns and will also give you a huge variety. You can also customize your urn and they will make it exactly as you want.
  • Individual Sellers have their own business of selling urns. You can find them with online advertisements. These sellers will have both bio urns and also normal funeral urns. These people will also customize urns according to your choice of size, shape, design, and colour.
  • Online shopping sites like Amazon also sells urns. You will be able to choose your desired urn in all price ranges. These sites will sell you both bio urns and also normal funeral urns at cheap rates.
  • Soul Trees Bios Urn Australia is Australia’s Leading Bios Urn Distributor. This site will give you each and every detail about the Bios Urn and will help you make the right choice. It offers free services, 24h chat and ongoing special offers for all Clients. This site has one single motto that is to save the environment with Biodegradable Urns. You can find all products on our shop page.

Is It Okay To Keep an Urn at Home?

There are several theories regarding keeping urn at home. There are a set of people who say it is not good to keep urns at home and there are a set of people who say it does not matter and it is fine to keep it at home.

This depends on person to person. If you want to keep the ashes of your loved one close to you in your house then it is your choice and you can do so. But it is always preferred to scatter the ashes or bury it. This is because people believe that humans or animals after death should be returned to mother earth.

There is a theory that also states it is not good to keep ashes or urns filled with ashes at home. This theory states that the dead are never really dead and the energy can still be felt. But this is generally said so that people bury or scatter the ashes for the betterment of the environment.

It is best to believe in what you really want to do. Using a Bios Urn will help you keep your loved one close to you in the form of a soul tree and also embrace it every day.

Final Words

One of the main reasons why people choose to cremate their loved ones once they have passed away and not go for the traditional burial process is that cremation is beneficial to the environment. Other than that coffins cost a huge sum of money and are made to look beautiful with chemicals and polishes which eventually seep through the soil and become harmful to the environment.

So turning your beloved pet or family members into soul trees that will eventually grow beautiful flowers and fruits is a better option and does not harm the environment. Other than that by doing this we will be able to keep our loved ones close to us and will also be able to see them as trees of Life, every day, forever.