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Where Can I Plant The Bios Urn?

Places where the Bios Urn can be planted

Private Property

The Bios Urn can be legally planted on any private property, such as a backyard or garden. If you own a home, or property – planting on it is one of the best places. It’s recommended choosing a tree species which fits your location and space, and is appropriate in size. Any Nursery will be able to assisit you in finding the right sizes and species. Some people are worried about planting a Bios Urn in a backyard, in fear that they may some day move. If you are worried or find that you may someday move – arrangements can be made with a tree transplanting service. Generally these companies are skilled at moving or transporting trees without harming their root system, so that you can move it to the location you desire.

Most laws state that a person may plant or bury cremated remains in uninhabited public land, or on the private property of a consenting owner – but we recommend to investigate your state or region’s provincial laws in relation to ashes, asking your local Council.

Tomáš planted a Bios Urn for his grandfather in a pond he had excavated and created entirely by himself years before. Click on the pictures to read Tomáš’ story.

Indoors in a planter

A good option is starting off the Bios Urn in a large planter. Once the tree begins to grow, it can then be transplanted to a forest, backyard or such a location. It is recommended to keep it planted for 12-18 months before transplanting it. While some places may have restrictions with ashes, they do not have the same restrictions with trees, which is why planting in a planter to begin with is a good way to bypass these restrictions. In any case we always suggest to ask your local Council, first.
You may also choose a beautiful flowering plant instead of a tree, if you  do not have a backyard, may be relocating or prefer something smaller.

Sumi planted her mother´s Bougainvillea in a planter in her home. Click on the pictures to read Sumi’s story.

In nature

Some forests which are local are a good place to plant the Bios Urn, although it is absolutely necessary to respect the local flora and plant an appropriate tree species which matches the local environment. Some forests and parks – especially national parks – may have differing laws or regulations about planting, so it is necessary to inquire with local authorities about permissions. In the process, please explain the Bios Urn is 100% biodegradable, so does not need to be removed from the site.

Anne planted her mother´s Bios Urn in a forest close to her home. Click on the pictures to read Anne’s story.

Green (natural) Burial Locations

Many natural (green) burial grounds allow for the planting of a Bios Urn.  Some local cemeteries may allow for a Bios Urn to be planted and we have also spoken with a few veteran cemeteries who were willing to accommodate this kind of burial. Please always contact your local Council, to get the right information.

Did you know the first Bios “tree of life” garden opened in 2017? Click on the picture to read the story.