Frequently Asked Questions

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Bio Water Urns are designed for scattering the ashes of humans and pets in the ocean, by the river, or in a lake. Handcrafted with love and passion using natural materials like salt, sand, and vegetable binding agents, they are certified biodegradable.
Salt urns are perfect for sea burials; sand urns are designed for sea and ground burial.
With our Bio Water Urns, we can show boundless love and appreciation for our loved ones. We honour their memory with grace and beauty by allowing them to become one with nature.

Follow the  video: How to put the ashes in the Bio Water Urn
Tip: A funnel may help

  • Our Bio Water Urns come with a certified water soluble biodegradable bag and a ribbon placed inside.
  • Place the open bag inside the urn and fill it with the ashes.
  • Close the bag with the ribbon.
  • Seal the urn with the lid.

Please note: the use of the bag is merely a suggestion. Families may put the ashes directly in the urn without using the bag, which will work perfectly.

Dissolution time depends also on the movement of the water and the weather conditions. Fully water soluble salt urns will generally dissolve in 5 to 10 minutes when cast into the sea. Sand urns will sink to the bottom and dissolve quickly in both the sea and fresh water.

Whereas if Urns are buried at the seashore, the dissolution time will depend on how moist the ground is.

Yes, you can use our Bio  Water Urns to scatter the ashes of a loved one in a river. They are meant to be used in waters and are certified as 100% biodegradable.

To be even more respectful of the environment, we suggest the sand ones such as:
Samsara Cuarzo 
Samsara Sardana 

The crematorium, the funeral home, or the family can put the ashes in the Bio Urn. It’s always a personal choice of the family. We send the Bio Urn with the instructions to any address provided by the client in the order form, whether a private address or a funeral home. We will also carefully follow any additional direction in the “Note” section.

The Customer will receive the Bio Urn’s tracking number, and we will monitor the shipment from our end until it is delivered.

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If you can’t find the answer to your questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here, happy to help.

The Bios Urn is a unique urn that is biodegradable and designed to transform the ashes of a person or pet into a tree. The urn is manufactured in a way that ensures proper germination and growth of the tree, using the ashes of our loved ones. This process allows for death to become a transformation and return to life through the beauty of nature.

The PH level of ashes can be detrimental to newly sprouted seeds or seedlings if they are exposed to them in the root before acclimatizing to the soil. In 2012, the Bios Urn was launched with its current design after years of research and development since its creation in 1997. The Bios Urn features a patented double-component design with two compartments: one compartment for holding the ashes and the other for the soil mix and seedling. The Bios Urn unique design ensures the safe housing of seedlings, promoting healthy growth. It is important to note that the PH levels of ashes can only harm seeds if they are grown directly in them, as seeds require suitable soil to grow. If needed, additional soil from the surrounding area can be mixed in with the ashes, but no additional amendments are required.
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No, the Bios Urn is 100% biodegradable and made with no chemicals, preservatives, or additives. Once it decomposes, it leaves nothing behind but a tree.

Yes, you can definitely plant your Bios Tree Urn in a container or planter.
Click here for instructions. 

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Australia’s quarantine laws, diverse country landscapes, and climatic conditions prevent the Bios Urn from arriving with seeds from Spain. However, Soul Trees can provide Australian Premium-Quality seeds of your choice upon request. The cost of the seeds will be added on top of the Bios Urn price.
We recommend purchasing seedlings from a local Nursery or Bunnings warehouse as they are readily available. If you require assistance finding the best nurseries, we offer a free service to connect you with a master gardener who can assist you throughout the process.

The expansion disc is replaced by the locally sourced growth medium placed inside the upper section of the Bios Urn. The growth medium is a combination of premium blended peat (from a salt free and fair trade source) and semi-course river sand. All is packed in a 100% bio-degradable green bag.

In case you may need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yes, we recommend this in Australia.

Like any other living organism, caring for a tree requires nurturing and attention, such as suitable watering, sunlight, and temperature. We always recommend planting the Bios Urn with a tree species native or common to your location to maintain ecological balance and ensure better growth. Choose a tree with sentimental value, whether a fruit tree, flowering tree, evergreen, conifer, or rose bush. Provide your growing Bios Urn Tree with some TLC to see it flourish. 

Both Bio Urn for people and pets are completely legal.
If you want to plant your Bios Tree Urn in Memorial Parks, Cemeteries or any public space, you must ask for directions or permission beforehand.
Some countries may regulate the use of cremation ashes offering services and permits, so that people can scatter ashes in gardens, forests or at sea.