Biodegradable Urns

Bio Water Urns

Our handcrafted salt and sand urns are 100% biodegradable and perfect for depositing in the sea. They remain solid when kept at home, but decompose as soon as they come into contact with a moist environment.

When you spread ashes above and into moving waters, they will flow forever, symbolizing an eternal journey as the water moves in an infinite cycle.

Give your loved ones a peaceful and dignified farewell by gently scattering their ashes at sea. This is an eco-friendly and beautiful way to honour their memory.

Bios Urn

The Bios Urn is the first fully biodegradable urn that converts the ashes of humans and pets into a living memorial tree after life.
From ashes to a beautiful tree.

The Bios Urn allows us to nurture all our loved ones and watch their tree grow from the ashes and bloom. In addition to helping us feel more serene, trees provide nourishment and sustenance for surrounding wildlife, thus preserving the local ecosystem.

Our Soul Trees will be an enduring legacy for future generations, a meaningful gift that will continue giving.


All “Soul Trees” have a unique story because each planting and location are specific to the individual and family. Therefore, no two Soul Trees are the same.
Read, enjoy and share the touching stories of some of our lovely families growing Soul Trees to celebrate their loved ones’ lives.

The first Bios Urn Australian Testimonial, “Philippa & Mark”, has been proudly brought by Soul Trees.