Kathy & Peter Leppik

Val is a truly lovely and genuine person.
When I called about getting a Bios Urn for my father, Val shared some lovely stories with me about other soul trees.
This was so comforting for me and my family. I shared a story about how a dog sat under their owners soul tree with my father while he was still with us. He really loved that story. Val told me how the trees have their own energy. I shared that with Dad too. My Dad, Peter, was diagnosed with terminal cancer only 10 days ago. The Bios Urn arrived the morning of the day he passed away. When the Bios Urn arrived, I was not yet aware that he had passed. Thankfully my father had a peaceful passing in his sleep. I was so glad to see the Bios Urn. And I am so glad it is here and he can come home and one day he can be in the earth as a part of nature. He loved and respected the earth and was kind to people and loved all animals, even the little creatures. He had a bird bath which he filled twice a day for the birds. He loved birds so he will be a tree that birds love. Dad was my Mum’s one true love. She has asked to be planted beside him so that they can be together always. Val gave me some beautiful advice about this too. When the time is right, we will have a tree planting ceremony to celebrate his life.