Heidi the Great Dane

Robert Cleaver, a young man from Florida, rescued his beautiful Great Dane in 2009 from the Humane Society in Tampa. He was able to save her just in time, as she was scheduled to be put down. Over the years, Heidi remained Robert’s trusty companion and most faithful friend, seeing him through divorce, loss, and relocations. Heidi even managed to play a part in connecting him with his wife, whom he married after a chance encounter which involved Heidi.

Robert said goodbye to Heidi on May 12th, 2016, after nearly 7 years together. He described it as one of the worst days of his life, and expressed how much he misses her.

After Heidi passed away, Robert was searching for the perfect way to keep her memory going. He felt like doing something special to honor Heidi, and the companion she had been to him over the past decade of his life. During his search, he discovered the Bios Urn for pets. Robert ended up choosing a Bios Urn, and selected a unique Cocktail Tree which produces Key Limes and Meyer’s Lemons at the same time. He planted Heidi’s Bios Urn in a planter in his home.


Heidi’s spirit will always be around.
This tree will provide a living memory every day and I look forward to toasting her with limes pulled from our tree.