What happens when you lose your loved pocket pet?

What can you do when you lose your loved pocket pet?

What happens when you lose your loved pet if it’s a pocket pet, a baby animal, a parrot? You may decide to avoid cremation and simply place your loved one in a Bios Urn and, with a little ceremony, plant it on your property or in a plant pot.

Small animals

Step 1

Gently lay your beloved pet in the lower capsule of the Bios Urn. Fill the remainder of the lower capsule with soil from the surrounding area, so as not to leave a gap present. Once you have filled it completely, place the top capsule on top of the lower one and then twist it slightly to the side. Thanks to its double capsule design, the Bios Urn locks into place, so that your pet is secured inside and the Bios Urn is ready to be planted.  
TIP: you may wrap your pet in a thin cotton bag or anything biodegradable.

Step 2

Choose the location and plant your Bios Urn. If you need assistance with this, please contact our friendly Team here.
Plant your Bios Urn! Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the Bios Urn. Generally around 15-16 inches (380-410 mm) is a good depth, with a width of 10-12 inches (260-310 mm). Plant the Bios Urn inside, leaving the soil surface a couple of fingers above the top of the urn.
TIP: water the entire hole before you plant the Bios Urn into it, as this will help begin the process of bio degradation.

Step 3

Remove the seal from the top capsule, unpack the growth medium and place it in the top capsule. Place the seedling gently combining its soil with the growth medium and adding on top – if the case – additional soil from the site where you are planting the Bios Urn.
TIP: In case the seedling and the soil fit perfectly in the top capsule, you can mix and add on top growth medium and soil of the site (point 5).

Step 4

Cover the Bios Urn with soil from the surrounding area, and thoroughly water the spot you have planted it. None of the Bios Urn should be exposed, it should all be covered by soil. Simply plant your urn where you want your tree to grow and take care of it. Always plant all of the urn, which is 100% biodegradable and won’t damage the soil. You can plant your Bios Urn using a tube-stock, seedling or shrub, as you prefer. We generally recommend planting during the appropriate season according to your tree.
If you have questions about when to plant your Bios Urn according to your location please contact us, and our friendly Team will be happy to assist you.
The rainbow bridge of pets

Instead of a box to bury your pet, or a metal urn to display on the shelf, you will grow a beautiful living memorial in the name of your beloved pet.

“A pet is never truly forgotten until it is no longer remembered"