What if I Relocate

Can I grow a Bios Urn Tree if I have to relocate?

Moving your tree

In a Planter

If you plan on keeping the tree in a planter, we recommend planting one best suited for container life or indoors. You may choose among different species of trees, such as fruit and flowering trees or indoor plants or trees.

Some other options may also include:

Amur Maple // Anthurium // Azalea // Bamboo Palm // Bay Tree // Bromeliad // Citrus Trees // Crepe Myrtle // Dwarf Camellias // Dwarf Conifer (Any Dwarf Species) // Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree // Flamingo Lily // Heart-Leaf Philodendron // Holly Dwarf // Hoya Obovate // Japanese Maple // Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana // Lipstick Plant // Olive Tree // Peace Lily // Philodendron Xanadu // River Birch // Rubber Plant // Sabre Fig // Star Magnolia // Zelkova Serrata

If you intend to maintain a tree in a container for 12-18 months, you can plant any tree species and transplant it to its final location later.

Tree Transplanting: Do It Yourself Version

While it is advisable to seek professional help for transplanting larger trees, it is possible to transplant a small shrub or light tree on your own. Numerous online tutorials are available to guide you through the process of transplanting a tree without harming the root ball. These tutorials advise on the best techniques and practices for successful tree transplantation.

Tree Transplantation service

Tree transplanting companies offer a specialized service that involves relocating trees from one property to another. This service is perfect for homeowners who want to move without leaving behind a beloved tree with sentimental value.

Tree transplantation involves carefully uprooting a tree from its current location and transferring it to a new site while ensuring the roots remain intact and undamaged.

Professional tree transplanters can move trees of any size, from small saplings to fully grown trees. Collaborating with a professional tree transplanting company ensures the safe and secure relocation of cherished trees without harming them or the environment.