What if I Relocate

Moving your tree

We always recommend finding a safe space to plant the Bios Urn to ensure the tree has a home to grow and sink its roots. There are a few options that can be utilised to ensure that no matter where you go, you will be able to bring your tree with you.

In a Planter

If you intend to keep the tree or plant indoors indefinitely, we recommend using one best suited for indoor or container life. Dwarf species of any tree or a tree suited for container life.

Some options include:

Amur Maple // Anthurium // Azalea // Bamboo Palm // Bay Tree // Bromeliad // Citrus Trees // Crepe Myrtle // Dwarf Camellias // Dwarf Conifer (Any Dwarf Species) // Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree // Flamingo Lily // Heart-Leaf Philodendron // Holly Dwarf // Hoya Obovate // Japanese Maple // Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana // Lipstick Plant // Olive Tree // Peace Lily // Philodendron Xanadu // River Birch // Rubber Plant // Sabre Fig // Star Magnolia // Zelkova Serrata

If you intend to keep the tree in a planter or container for 12-18 months, any tree species can be planted and transplanted to its final location.

Tree Transplanting: Do It Yourself Version

While enlisting the help of a professional service is generally preferred, if you have a small shrub or a lightweight tree, you can also transplant it easily yourself. Many online tutorials are dedicated to tree transplanting, which shows the best methods to transplant a tree without compromising the root ball.

Tree Transplantation service

Tree transplanting companies safely and securely transport trees to different locations and keep the trees’ roots intact. Tree transplantation is a perfect solution for many who live in homes and plan to move but are worried about leaving their tree behind. Regardless of size, nearly any tree can be successfully moved to a new home.