Pets are integral to our society, providing unconditional love and emotional support. Studies have shown that spending time with pets can positively impact our well-being. For instance, interacting with dogs can increase our oxytocin levels, providing a hormonal “love injection” boosts responsible for social bonding and that can help reduce stress levels. Moreover, pets can also contribute to our mental and emotional well-being by helping us fight depression, improving our mood, and facilitating healing. According to research, pet owners, especially those with cats and dogs, tend to experience more laughter and joy daily than non-pet owners. Pets can also help us reduce loneliness and social isolation. For example, holding a cat, petting a dog, or watching a bird can significantly improve the mood of older lonely people and increase their sense of fulfilment and purpose.
In summary, pets can be vital to social connection and joy. They positively impact our heart health, stress levels, emotional and social skills, and overall well-being.