Bio Water Urns

Ocean, Reintegration, Design.

Bio Water Urns

The only handcrafted eco water urns in Australia

Bio Water Urns are designed to release the whole urn into the water. Beautifully handcrafted, our eco water urns are made of natural and biodegradable materials, such as sand or salt and vegetable binding agents, which naturally break down and are returned to nature in coastal areas or in the sea. Our biodegradable water urns are designed to quickly break down  in water and allow our loved one’s ashes to be returned to the biosphere.

Our handcrafted Bio Water Urns are a piece of art to celebrate your loved ones’ life in style

Soul Trees, Exclusive Australian Distributor of LimboEurope

How does the process work?

• Place the ashes in the water-soluble bag that you will find in the urn.

• Close the water-soluble bag, containing the ashes, and place it inside the urn. Close the urn.

• Place the Urn in the water.

Once you have reached the desired location to place the biodegradable urn in the water, you can have a water burial ceremony with family and friends to share simple stories and memories. You could encourage them to express their own experiences and relationships that they had with departed loved one. Perhaps a story or memory of the loved one that they hold in their hearts.

It could be a celebration of their love for life with music and even dancing or a ceremony that is planned around the heritage of your dear one. It can be as formal or as casual as you’d like it to be.

You may wish to release doves, or to cast tribute flowers into the water as you remember your departed loved one. Tossing flowers into the ocean has long been a ritual in many cultures; with some bearing the interpretation that you are offering flowers out to the souls of the departed that now exist as part of nature out in the horizon. Other cultures practice water-based floral rituals as an offering to the gods and mythic characters that are said to transport the souls of the departed to the hereafter. And still others hold fast to the concept of water being the main element of life, and by offering gifts to the sea you support the “lives” of those who have passed to another realm. And some people just like the practice of throwing flowers into the sea and watching them float gently on the waves. No deep spiritual meanings for them.

The Bio Water Urns are made with natural raw materials that merge with the environment, so that you can deposit them in any natural setting. They remain solid when kept at home, but as soon as they are buried or come into contact with a moist environment, they disintegrate and become part of it.


Your loved ones’ ashes will return to the natural environment in a beautiful and environmentally friendly urn, made by hand through a unique process.

Water symbolises the infinite, as it travels from the clouds down to the mountains as rain or snow, through the countryside in rivers and streams, out into the far corners of the globe on the high seas, and back to the clouds to repeat the cycle.