Bio Water Urns

Ocean, Reintegration, Design.

Bio Water Urns

The only handcrafted eco water urns in Australia

Bio Water Urns are designed to release the whole urn into the water.
Beautifully handcrafted, our eco water urns are made of natural and biodegradable materials, such as sand or salt, and vegetable binding agents. They naturally break down and are returned to nature in coastal areas or the sea.

Bio Water urns symbolise our love and appreciation for those who have departed, allowing them to return to the embrace of the environment with peace and grace.

Our handcrafted Bio Water Urns are a piece of art to celebrate the life of our loved ones in style.

Soul Trees, Exclusive Australian Distributor of Limbo Europe

How to fill the bio urns with ashes

Place the water-soluble bag inside the urn and then pour the ashes, following the instructions provided in the video. A funnel may be helpful. Then, close the water-soluble bag and seal the lid.



After arriving at the desired location to place the bio urn into the water, you can organize a scattering ceremony with family and friends to share simple stories and memories. You can invite everyone to express their experiences and relationships with your loved one who has passed away. They may share a story or a memory that they cherish in their hearts.

This ceremony can celebrate the love for life you shared with your loved one with music and even dancing. Alternatively, it could be a ceremony that is planned around the heritage of your loved one. You are free to make it as formal or casual as you prefer.

Honour your loved one’s memory beautifully by releasing doves or floating a wreath of flowers using their favourite colours or flowers. Place the bio water urn in the centre and watch the flowers around gracefully float away. This act of remembrance can be a moving tribute to their life. Remember, throwing flowers into the ocean is a meaningful tradition in many cultures.

Some believe that by doing so, they are offering the flowers to the souls of the departed who now exist as a part of nature on the horizon. Various cultures offer water-based floral rituals to the gods and mythic characters who are said to transport the souls of the departed to the afterlife. Some other people believe that offering gifts to the sea can support the “lives” of those who have passed to another realm, while others believe in different concepts of the main element of life.

Some just enjoy releasing their eco-water urns while throwing flowers into the sea and watching them float gently on the waves without deep spiritual reasons.

The Bio Water Urns are made from natural, biodegradable materials that blend in with the environment, allowing them to be placed in any natural setting. They remain intact at home but decompose when buried or in contact with moisture.

Allow your loved one’s ashes to be returned to nature in an eco water urn handcrafted with love through a unique process.

Water is a symbol of the infinite. It travels from the clouds to the mountains as rain or snow, flows through the countryside in rivers and streams, and reaches the far corners of the globe on the high seas, before returning to the clouds to begin the cycle anew.