Janine & Douglas

Doug came to my office in July 2018, after his beloved wife Janine had sadly passed away. His daughter had heard about Soul Trees, and they thought that was something special to honour Janine’s life. When Doug started telling me their story, I must confess that was such a surprise. As a matter of fact, Doug and Janine worked in Italy (my beloved home Country!) for 20 years, fell in love with the place and bought a house in Civitanova Marche. He told me his and his daughter’s idea was planting two Soul Trees, one in Italy – because their house was full of beautiful memories – and one here in Australia. So, the family split the ashes and the first Bios Urn flew…to Italy!

I must admit, the feeling that one of my Soul Trees was going to be planted in my Country, 8,935 miles away, was just incredible.

In May 2019 Doug came back to my office, saying he and his daughter were very happy with Janine’s tree that was beautifully growing and that, as planned, they were going to plant another Soul Tree in their house in Australia on Janine’s first death anniversary. He also showed me the pictures of the “Italian” Soul Tree and his eyes were sparkling with joy. Thanks to Doug and his daughter, Janine will be remembered in Italy that she loved and in Australia, where she was born, with two beautiful Soul Trees.