Janine & Douglas

In July 2018, Doug visited my office after his wife, Janine, had passed away. He had heard about Soul Trees from his daughter and thought it would be a beautiful way to honour Janine’s life. During our conversation, Doug told me their story, and I was surprised to learn that they had spent 20 years working in Italy, fell in love with the place, and even bought a home in Civitanova Marche. That’s why Doug and his daughter planned to plant two Soul Trees to remember Janine, one in Italy, where they had fond memories, and the other in Australia, where she was born.
I was touched to learn that one of my Soul Trees would be planted 8,935 miles away from Australia, in my home country.

So, the family split the ashes, and the first Bios Urn flew to Italy to plant the tree there.

Doug returned to my office in May 2019, showing me pictures of the Italian Soul Tree growing beautifully in Italy. That is why he was happy to plant another Soul Tree in their Australian home on Janine’s first death anniversary.
The joy he felt knowing that Janine will be remembered with two beautiful Soul Trees, one in Italy, that she loved, and the other in Australia, her birthplace, was palpable.