We can only thank Val for being helpful, generous, and professional with her clients. The quality of her service is outstanding, and we are not the only family to highly recommend her.
Blessings from us.
Donna Stuart
(Google Review)

I met MiK in 2005, and it seems like it was yesterday.
He was a great photographer, musician, and passionate by nature. Raised in a family where the Arts and creativity were a daily inspiration, he also had an incredible sense of humour and was always up for funny stories.
It didn’t take long to understand he was my Mr. Right, and I fell in love like a teenager. Our years together were a gift life decided to give me, and I feel privileged to have had the chance to know what love is.

Using a Bios Urn, I planted a white peony Soul Tree in his memory, and I’m so happy to see it growing so well. I enjoy spending time by his tree, singing a song, reading a book or just thinking about the old good memories with MiK, my eternal Love.