Salium For Pet small 0.75lt


• Suitable for Small Pet
• Debossed pattern : Paws
• Height (cm) : 16
• Width (cm)  : 16
• Approx Weight (kg) : 1.5
• Approx Capacity : 0.75 (lt)
• Suitable for ashes of body weight up to 21 (kg) / 46 (lbs)
• Handcrafted
• Material : Soluble Salt
• Colour : Pure White
• Indoor or Outdoor use : Outdoor


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Salium is a biodegradable urn handcrafted using natural water-soluble salt. It is perfect for water burials. The urn’s outer shell is pure white, creating a sense of tranquillity and peace. The pattern debossed through the cross-section of the urn is a lovely reminder of our fur babies.

The burial urn is certified 100% biodegradable, making it suitable for an eco-friendly burial at sea. The white urn is robust and resistant in your home as long as it is kept dry. When placed in water, it will dissolve in a matter of minutes. You can watch as your loved one becomes one with nature.

Losing a pet can be an extremely emotional experience. Biodegradable urns can assist us in the healing process by allowing us to scatter our beloved pet’s ashes into the sea or river and celebrate their lives with a memorable final farewell. This will help us honour our pets’ lives as they cross the rainbow bridge and cherish the memories we shared and will never forget.

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Pure White/Earth Colour