Samsara Pet small


• Suitable for Small Pet
• Debossed pattern : Paws
• Height (cm) : 16
• Width (cm)  : 17
• Approx Weight (kg) : 1.5
• Approx Capacity : 0.75 (lt)
• Suitable for ashes of body weight up to 21 (kg) / 46 (lbs)
• Handcrafted
• Material : Sand, Natural binding agents
• Colour : Sand
• Indoor or Outdoor use : Outdoor




Limbo bio urns are handcrafted from natural organic materials, which make them completely biodegradable. The manufacturers of these natural urns have been selected specifically on the basis of their Eco-manufacturing. We can therefore guarantee that all Bio urns are made from natural vegetable or mineral raw materials. These urns can be used for burials at sea, so the cremated remains are returned to nature in an environmentally-friendly way.

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Pure White/Earth Colour