Boisé de Vie

  • Bios Urn can be an alternative to tombstones.
    In Canada there is a Bios Urn Park.

“Boisé de Vie” is the first Bios Park ® in the world.

Meaning “Wood Of Life,” this natural burial ground in Canada is dedicated to planting Bios Urns. This unique garden offers a new experience to those who wish to use a biodegradable urn that transforms them into trees in a natural environment.

How does a ceremony take place in this Bios Park?

The Granby Catholic Cemeteries in Granby, Quebec, opened a natural burial ground on a portion of their land where people can plant the Bios Urn. The cemetery is open to everyone.

They offer the bereaved the possibility of an intimate celebration under a garden pavilion built in the centre of the woodland. Families and friends can choose to play music or songs that are meaningful to them during the ceremony. They can bring photos of their loved ones, flowers, candles, or any other significant object. Before going to the planting spot, everyone can take the urn in their arms to say goodbye. A reading is a personal and special moment to pay tribute to the deceased.

It is optional and can be changed to fit the families’ wishes. After the celebration, they go together to the planting place. All family members can participate in the planting by placing soil around the urn, adding mulch and water, or even placing the urn in the planting spot. Each burial is bespoke. We always meet the families a few weeks before to discuss what they would like.

Elyse, the cemetery director, explains, “After the day of the burial, we often see families return to visit their deceased and take care of their tree by removing dead leaves and decorating it according to the seasons and the different festivals of the year. My assistant often explained that many told them they also like to see other small trees growing nearby. According to them, gathering in the “Boisé de Vie” is much warmer and more natural than a tombstone.”