• Suitable for Adult and Pet
• Debossed pattern : Life Cycle
• Height (cm) : 25
• Depth (cm)  : 18
• Approx Weight (kg) : 3.1
• Approx Capacity : 3 (lt)
• Suitable for ashes of body weight up to 83 (kg) / 183 (lbs)
• Handcrafted
• Material : Soluble Salt
• Colour : Pure White
• Indoor or Outdoor use : Outdoor



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The Oceanus biodegradable water urn is ideal for scattering your loved one’s ashes at sea. It is made entirely from soluble salt and handcrafted using natural organic material, making it an utterly biodegradable urn. This allows you to return your loved one’s ashes to nature, which symbolises their journey while being environmentally friendly. It is a perfect tribute for someone passionate about sustainability and being ecologically conscious.

Some families travel to a beautiful area on the coast and hold a ceremony for their loved ones, where you can include the scattering of petals to assist the water burial urn to create a more visual ceremony. The biodegradable urn is safe to travel within dry environments as it is hard and resistant.

Once you get your loved one’s final resting place, place the burial urn underwater, and it will begin to dissolve and disperse within the water in a matter of minutes, making this the ideal biodegradable urn for water burial.

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Pure White/Earth Colour