Margaret & Andrew

After having lost his beloved wife, Andrew called me to know a bit more about the Bios Urn®.
I met Andrew and his lovely daughter Nicole at his place. The flowers on the table were still fresh and Andrew explained that his Margaret had just passed away. She was passionate about roses, so when he saw the Bios Urn he thought it could be the right way to honour her Life and keep her alive in the form of the beautiful flowers that she loved.

The way he touched the Bios Urn, the way he asked so many questions to do things properly and plant the Bios Urn in the best way possible; the care he had in going through all details, the love he put in his words talking about choosing the best planter and the best spot, made me understand how much that meant for him.
Then, he and Nicole took me outside to show me where they were thinking to place the planter. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the sun was like kissing that spot.

“I’m sure you will grow some beautiful roses, Andrew” I said, and with a serene smile he replied “It’s like giving a new form to her Life and I think she would be very happy with that.”

I have no doubt Andrew’s roses will grow strong and beautiful, and every little bud will bring Margaret’s smile back to their backyard.