Romana 4lt


• Suitable for Adult and Pet
• Height (cm) : 19
• Depth (cm)  : 25
• Approx Weight (kg) : 2.5
• Approx Capacity : 4 (lt)
• Suitable for ashes of body weight up to 112 (kg) / 245 (lbs)
• Handcrafted
• Material : Sand, Olive pits
• Metal box to be kept with a memento
• Colour : Light brown / beige
• Indoor or Outdoor use : Outdoor



Romana Bio Water Urn is inspired by ancient Roman amphorae and crafted with love, natural materials, and traditional techniques. Skilled artisans use olive stones and seashore sand to create this beautiful urn, symbolising love, respect, and care. Romana is perfect for scattering ashes into the ocean or any other body of water. It is a vessel and a symbol of love and care for the loved one and the environment.

Romana is designed to float for 5-15 minutes, depending on specific water and weather conditions.

This urn has a unique feature that makes it truly beautiful. It comes with a small removable metal box that family or relatives can keep. This box is perfect for holding a small memento of the loved one, such as a cremation keepsake, a ring, or jewellery.




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Pure White/Earth Colour