Salium 3lt


• Suitable for Adult and Pet
• Debossed pattern : Shells and Starfish
• Height (cm) : 22
• Width (cm)  : 22.7
• Approx Weight (kg) : 3.9
• Approx Capacity : 3 (lt)
• Suitable for ashes of body weight up to 83 (kg) / 183 (lbs)
• Handcrafted
• Material : Soluble Salt
• Colour : Pure White
• Indoor or Outdoor use : Outdoor



Salium is a unique, handcrafted urn made from natural, water-soluble salt, ideal for eco-friendly water burials. The urn’s pristine white outer shell emanates a sense of calm and serenity, while the delicate pattern etched into its cross-section serves as a poignant reminder of purity and innocence, all while maintaining its oceanic essence.

While the urn is robust and resistant when kept dry, it gradually dissolves into the waves when placed in water. The dissolution time generally ranges between five and ten minutes, allowing you to witness your loved ones’ beautiful transformation as they become one with nature.

Honouring a loved one’s memory can be a beautiful and healing experience. A peaceful and affordable way to say a final goodbye is to arrange a memorial service on the sea, surrounded by family and loved ones. Spreading your loved ones’ ashes in the ocean using the beautiful Salium is a fitting tribute, returning them to nature in a way that brings comfort and peace.

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Pure White/Earth Colour