On March 22 2018  my beautiful mother Ginevra passed away and all of us were paralysed by an inconsolable grief, that is impossible to describe. She was the singing voice in the house when it was raining, the wise advice when we felt defeated, the beautiful warm smile when we were sad. We couldn’t imagine our lives without her legendary fragrance Violetta di Parma, her unique makeup style (a bit Egyptian. Nothing against Egypt, but she was from Naples), or the jokes and the laughs for any 3 different books – literature, art and philosophy? – she was able to read jumping from one to another in a week time.

I felt she deserved something special, so I searched the internet to see if there could be a way to honour such a unique life and give her a place to rest in line with who she was, what she loved more, what could best reflect her personality. As it happens with all the things that change your life, I stumbled by chance into the Bios Urn. It took a second to understand there could be no better way, no better solution or answer to my prayers than that: the Bios Urn was simply perfect for her. She loved nature and she raised children and grandchildren teaching how to respect mother nature and the environment. Countless times she invited us to hug a tree, close our eyes and feel its energy in silence. We also named the trees in the park around the corner “JackieO”, “Flora”, “Flame” and “Cicco”.

I didn’t need to look any further and I must confess I took it as a sign from her. My mother loved the azalea, so I already knew what to grow.

My search for the Bios Urn in Australia didn’t take long, Soul Trees was just what I needed and I felt so lucky when I found Val! As already written in my reviews a year ago, Val was just perfect. I immediately understood the Bios Urn for her is a mission more than a business, something in which she strongly believes and puts her heart and soul into it.  Val went above and beyond our expectations and our family will always be grateful to her. Through the time, other members of the family were assisted by her in the same impeccable way.

Here’s the picture of my mother’s azalea that in the new house will have a special area dedicated, with benches and bird baths!

Much love
The Morrisons