Sumi & Olga


“Olga wanted to return to nature.”

Sumi honoured her mother using a Bios Urn to grow a Bougainvillea tree. She planted the Bougainvillea in a terracotta planter in her home in Miami, Florida. Every day, she is greeted by the vibrant fuchsia blossoms of the Bougainvillea tree.
Sumi’s mother, Olga Orta, passed away in 2016, and one of her last wishes was to have her ashes spread into a forest or to return to nature in one way or another. While Sumi didn’t initially know what to do for her mother, she knew that traditional burial was out of the question.

When Sumi discovered the Bios Urn, she knew it was the perfect thing to do for her mother. She ordered a Bios Urn and chose a beautiful Bougainvillea tree, which was an easy decision because it was one of her mother’s favourites. She planted it in 2016 on her mother’s birthday, March 31st, to celebrate her life.

“It’s truly amazing how planting a tree not only benefits the environment but also honours the memory of a loved one. Watching the tree grow into a beautiful, living reminder of their presence is truly a beautiful experience.”